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Caboose is a duo composed by Luis De Cicco (guitar, vocals, lyrics) and Carlo Corso (drums), both passionate about afro-american music, spirituals and psychedelia.
Capo, open tunings and fingerpicks in hand, Luis has found his own blues groove by delving deep into the styles of Mississippi Fred McDowell, Reverend Gary Davis and other guitar masters.
Combined with Carlo's jazz approach, they have created an immediate yet complex style that allows them to play in the most diverse contexts: from an intimate living room of a Berlin loft, to a country punk rock festival, from a jazz aperitif in Milan to a sunset concert by the sea.
Although they are keen to clarify that theirs is not a "genre" but an approach, the main reference is a nomadic and mestizo blues, an ideal sonic homeland where cultures and people meet in peace.

They have toured the USA and Europe, received praises from Watermelon Slim, Robert Kimbrough, Eric Bibb and many others, participated in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, played in the best clubs dedicated to Jazz and Blues. Their records have been and still are broadcasted by Radio3, Radio Eins, Radio Rock etc...

They are both passionate about other disciplines in particular photography, poetry and physical theater, with which they have given life to other individual projects.


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