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  • Off the track! @ Libreria Masone (BN)
    Off the track! @ Libreria Masone (BN)
    Libreria Masone Alisei
    11 apr 2020, 20:40
    Libreria Masone Alisei, Viale dei Rettori, 73F, 82100 Benevento BN, Italia
    Legends and photos from our 2019 tour in the U.S.A. Photos by Carlo Corso




La nostra Caboose rifiuta ogni tipo di
razzismo, discriminazione basata su religione,
razza, sesso ai danni del singolo o di un gruppo di persone.
Non ci piacciono fascisti, nazisti, omofobi, sostenitori della guerra.


Caboose are a project founded by Luis DeCicco in Berlin in 2018 and presented in Italy in the same year. Thanks to a fluent live activity the band, starting from hill-country and delta blues sounds, has integrated spoken word, electronic, R&B, often drawing from other art forms, first of all physical theatre and dance.
Using only guitar, vocals and drums, the live concert might seem sparse, but the interplay and understanding between the two musicians is so fluid that it sounds like a quintet. They have been the opening band for Watermelon Slim, Francesco Piu, Eric Bibb, Shanna Waterstown, Robert Kimbrough, Danilo Rea etc... In 2019, thanks to the collaboration with Mojo Station radio, they represented Italy at the International Blues Contest in Memphis, reaching the semi-finals.
Later on their tour stopped at some of the most iconic venues in the midwest such as Handy's Blues Hall in Memphis, Bluesbarry Cafe in Clarksdale, D.B.A. and Spotted Cat in New Orleans. Their latest CD was presented with two premieres at Monk Cafe in Rome and ACUD in Berlin, positively received both for the intensity of the live performance and for the quality of the lyrics. Some tracks from the CD have been broadcasted by Italian and German radio stations including Radio Città Futura, Battiti (Radio 3), Radio Eins, Radio Blau.


In 2020, their project was chosen by CESVI #insiemeperlamusica to receive the emergency fund for musicians affected by the pandemic.



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